Electrolube products are a complete set of solutions for the production and maintenance of all types of electrical, electromechanical and electronic components and equipment.

Electrolube electronic protection products

Protective Coatings for Printed Circuit Boards (Conformal Coating): These coatings are essential to ensure the durability of printed circuit boards in harsh environments such as humidity, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures. Electrolube, a global industry leader, offers a wide range of products that meet international standards, including acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and hybrid coatings. With their application ranging from 25-75μm, they adhere perfectly to the shape of the circuits, prolonging their life and providing protection. Their relevance has grown tremendously with the expansion of the electronics industry, finding application not only in the automotive, military and aerospace sectors, but also in domestic devices.

Resins for Electronic Protection: These resin systems are specifically designed to protect and insulate printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components from harsh environments, such as moisture, vibration, and thermal shock. By encapsulating the components, the resins form a complete barrier, ensuring superior performance under extreme conditions.

Thermally Conductive Pastes: Electronic components, during their operation, can generate considerable heat. Ineffective dissipation of such heat can compromise the life and reliability of the component. This is why it is essential to adopt thermal management solutions. Thermally conductive pastes, along with heat sinks, are essential tools in this process. As modern electronics become more powerful, innovation in this area is critical. Electrolube stands out as a leader in thermal management, offering advanced solutions for these needs.

Electrolube electronic protection products

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Electrolube electrical contact greases

Contact lubricants are specially formulated greases and oils to reduce friction, improve sliding and optimize the electrical performance of contacts in switches, diverters and connectors. Electrolube products in thick films are electrically insulating and prevent arcing while in ultra-thin films, i.e., between closed metal contacts, they allow current to flow smoothly due to the ‘Quantum Tunneling Effect. All products also have a neutral pH and thus prevent surface corrosion. The effectiveness of switches can be improved by contact lubricants, and when considered at the design stage, they provide important savings in manufacturing by facilitating the use of less expensive plastics and metals. Tests have shown that contact lubrication can extend switch life by more than 300%, providing excellent performance under all circumstances and preventing the need for costly maintenance.


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