BETASEAL™ Adhesives

For decades, BETASEAL™ adhesives have been used to bond fixed vehicle windows. Today they are also used to seal and fill gaps in the battery packs of electric vehicles. BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems consist of BETAPRIME™ primers, BETACLEAN™ cleaners and BETASEAL™ urethane adhesives to provide a complete solution for glass bonding applications. Innovative formulations offer a wide range of mechanical properties to meet the requirements of all manufacturers and are compatible with all vehicle manufacturing processes.

Applications and uses of BETASEAL™ adhesive.

  • BETASEAL™ is the revolutionary adhesive for the automotive industry, used in various applications such as battery packs, glass, modular roofs and more. Its distinguishing feature is its high modulus, ensuring strength and durability. Available for cold and hot applied systems, BETASEAL™ meets OEM specifications and is suitable for various manufacturing processes.


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