Structural foam

3D-Core™ Structural Foam

Our 3D-Core™ structural product, made from PET panels, proves to be an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including aerospace, marine, automotive and many others that require a lightweight solution.

Key Features

Thanks to our unique hexagon-shaped machining technique, we achieve a significant improvement in technical characteristics, including:

  • 50% increase in production efficiency
  • 250% increase in shear strength
  • 700% increase in flexural strength
  • 1000% increase in compressive strength

(Comparison based on a 10-mm-thick unwelded PET foam panel with a density of 115 kg/m3 compared with a conventional sandwich with the same composition.)

The Benefits of 3D-Core™ Structural Foam.

The advantages of our 3D-Core™ include:

  • Excellent adaptability to shapes: hexagonal modules easily follow the contour of the mold.
  • Optimal resin diffusion: no additional tools are needed to promote resin flow.
  • A balanced relationship between structural stability and weight.
  • Reduction in cost and overall product weight.

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