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Hydrotreated mineral oils

Hydrotreated mineral oils are a category of petroleum-derived lubricating oils that undergo a process called “hydrotreatment” to remove impurities and improve their properties. Hydrotreatment involves the use of a catalyst and water at high pressure and temperature to remove pollutants and sulfides in the crude oil.


One of the main applications of hydrotreated mineral oils is in the automotive industry, where they are used to lubricate engines and transmission systems. Hydrotreated mineral oils are particularly suitable for use in high mechanical stress environments and extreme climatic conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity.

Use in industries

  • In addition, hydrotreated mineral oils are also used in many other industries, including aviation, shipbuilding, railways and agriculture, to lubricate critical components such as gears, bearings and crankshafts. They are also used in industrial and construction plants to lubricate machine tools, lifting equipment and transportation components.


  • In general, hydrotreated mineral oils are an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable and long-lasting lubrication in high mechanical and climatic stress environments. Their ability to resist wear, corrosion and water makes them a popular choice for many critical industries and applications. They are also less expensive than other types of lubricants.


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