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Threaded connections offer several advantages: convenient disassembly, frequent use of a screw, and safe reassembly. To take full advantage of all these benefits without running into problems related to the equipment and its reliability, proper lubrication through lubricating pastes or anti-seize pastes is important.

These industrial lubricants or pastes help prevent:

  • Inconsistent coefficients of friction, resulting in inconstant bolt tension
  • Stepwise advancement
  • Tensocorrosion
  • Fretting
  • Wear
  • Gripping

Main use

  • Lubricating pastes help the proper functioning of threaded connections, both during initial assembly and in all subsequent disassembly operations. In fact, they are designed to withstand complicated conditions, multiple service temperatures, and the stresses of high loads, salt spray and other pollutants.

Composition of anti-seize pastes

  • Anti-seize pastes consist of a high concentration of solid lubricants in oil to facilitate application. In cases where oils and greases are moved away from the contact points to be lubricated, the solid lubricants in the pastes instead form an adherent and tenacious film that prevents wear under extreme loads and low speeds. The main applications are during assembly and break-in.

Advantages and applications of anti-seize lubricating pastes

The advantages in using these lubricating pastes are:

  • Provide a constant coefficient of friction
  • On mating surfaces, this allows designers and applicators to minimize the difficulty of obtaining adequate connector preload forces and torque specifications
  • Limiting the effects of temperature and load changes, reducing the chance of fatigue failure
  • Creating barriers between substrates and the atmosphere
  • Prevent unwanted oxide formation on thread surfaces – Create protective layers on mating surfaces
  • Decrease the effects of wear, and fretting
  • Reduce exposure to corrosive, hydrogen-rich environments with low melting point metals


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