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Electronic protection gel

Dielectric gels are suitable for PCBs and power modules. They serve to protect and insulate.

What are gels for electronics

Industry trends require smaller and smaller components with higher and higher powers. This trend requires the presence of higher-performance materials that protect assemblies and their properties. Dielectric gels are suitable for PCBs and power modules and are designed to protect interconnections from environmental conditions and to provide dielectric isolation.

Gels are very soft materials also suitable for thin-layer applications that find its optimization when one needs to minimize stress from thermal cycling, shock, and vibration on particularly delicate components.

Dielectric gel characteristics

  • Most gels feature a sticky surface that naturally adheres to common surfaces without the need for primers; our gels can cross-link at room temperature, can be heat-accelerated, and even be UV-cross-linked.

The advantages of protective gels for electronics

Electronics protective gels guarantee:

  • Protection for interconnections subject to thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Stability under harsh environmental conditions in some cases even to hydrocarbons and aggressive chemicals
  • No housing damage over a wide temperature range.

Why choose Mascherpa

  • Mascherpa’s range includes one- and two-component gels that can cross-link at room temperature, heat-accelerated or even UV-cross-linked; and also gels with thermo-conductive characteristics or high optical transparency


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