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Electronics adhesives and sealants

Electronics adhesives and sealants provide durable insulation, against environmental contaminants, corrosion, moisture and shock or vibration.

Protection of electronic circuits

There is a wide range of properties to consider when selecting appropriate electronics sealants and adhesives. For example, delivery options, basic chemistry, viscosity, curing mechanisms, elongation, weathering resistance, and adhesion strength.

To offer lighter, thinner and stronger mobile electronic devices with increasing processing power, manufacturers must use nontraditional materials in the manufacture of their products.

Areas of use for electronics adhesives

  • While electronic devices often tend to have a relatively short product life, the adhesive that holds them together will have to withstand extreme environmental conditions, from heat to cold to exposure to chemicals.
  • Electronics sealants and adhesives are used in numerous industries. From electronic industries to transportation, defense, consumer products, batteries, general, lighting, medicine and energy, and general industry.
    As the market continues to change and evolve, electronic adhesives and sealants can help create innovative devices that we had not even imagined.


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