Huntsman Advanced Materials is a global leader in material solutions, offering adhesives, composites, and specialized products. Their portfolio addresses engineering needs in areas such as E-Mobility, Aerospace, Wind Energy, Electronics and Composites. Distinctive brands include ARALDITE® for adhesives, ARADUR® for epoxy resins, and ARATHANE® for polyurethanes and REN® for modeling resins.

Distributed brands

Huntsman Advanced Materials: adhesives and composites

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global provider of materials solutions. Our portfolio of adhesives, composites, and electronics products meets demanding engineering specifications and addresses specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

The key markets in which Huntsman operates


Our ARALDITE® material solutions offer a wide range of thermally conductive encapsulants for electric vehicles that can help electric motor manufacturers reduce size, weight, and production costs while increasing machine output. Our thermal management solutions for electronic applications in the electrified powertrain can improve power density, prolong service life, and meet maximum thermal resistance requirements.

Wind Energy

Our ARALDITE® brand has been serving the global wind turbine industry for more than 20 years. Our material solutions make ambitious onshore and offshore projects around the world possible by providing lighter, stronger and more durable materials.


Our ARALDITE® innovations can be found throughout the energy value chain, from generation to transmission, distribution, and storage. Our products and services help leading global companies and OEMs meet their electrical engineering challenges.


The Ren® brand is the best solution for modeling resins. There are a variety of modeling resins: Two-component Epoxy Resins for Modeling, Casting Resins for Prototyping, Laminating Resins, Gelcoats for Molds and Models, Detachable Products, Machinable Boards, and Thermoplastic Simulant Resins.

Huntsman’s main products and brands

Resins and encapsulants

Our ARALDITE® and Aradur® brands provide our customers with one of the broadest epoxy resin portfolios in the industry, and we are the world’s leading supplier of curing agents. Our wide range of material solutions in powder and liquid coatings can be found in transportation, automotive, marine, architectural, and consumer white goods applications.


The ARALDITE® range of adhesives for assembly operations ensures long-term performance and safety of assemblies. Our product portfolio includes more than 300 adhesives and five adhesive technologies, serving 22 industries worldwide.


The Ren® brand and the ARALDITE® brand offer solutions for a wide number of composite products.

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