Adhesives and lubricants for the chemical industry

Lubricants for the chemical industry are designed for use in plants working with aggressive fluids.

Chemical and petrochemical production requires high plant reliability and uptime to meet the rigorous requirements of this industry. Plants face extreme challenges such as continuous operation, extreme temperatures, safety and environmental issues, and potential contamination. Despite these challenges, plant managers and maintenance personnel must maximize production.
Many processes in the chemical industry can be handled with standard lubricants. However, in some applications, such as gas compressors, industrial valves and fittings, or rolling bearings in centrifuges or dryers, which operate in contact with aggressive fluids, conventional lubricants are no longer sufficient.

Lubricants for the chemical industry or oils and greases for chemistry have been developed for these applications. These products are able to maintain their performance even under extreme conditions. This allows the frequency of re-lubrication to be reduced, thus improving the availability and economic efficiency of the plant.


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