Industrial adhesives

Industrial adhesives help speed up production processes and reduce costs, improving the efficiency of the products your company makes.

Introduction to industrial adhesives

With the success of chemical assembly as a technique for forming strong and reliable joints, research and development has intensified to create the best possible adhesive solutions to meet the most complex and demanding applications.

Adhesives are the best alternative to traditional mechanical fastening methods such as welding or riveting. They can help the company’s production process to achieve,a significant benefit: from reducing overall production costs to increasing product reliability and performance.

Incorporating adhesives into the design, production and assembly process will provide your company with a great advantage.

What are the types of industrial adhesives?

  • The adhesives that Mascherpa offers, from structural adhesives to silicone sealants to hot-melt glues, guarantee the end user extensive and safe performance for any use and application in any industry.
  • Mascherpa technicians know how to identify among the world’s most prestigious brands which adhesive is perfect for your application while meeting all technical requirements to support your design and production.
  • We always take into consideration the adhesive strength required, the materials and conditions of use, the substrates involved, and the health and safety of operators and the environment. These innovative adhesives are formulated to withstand extreme impacts and peeling forces, ensuring excellent shear strength and performance against chemicals and temperature spikes. Optimize your process using our industrial adhesives.

Mascherpa technicians will give you usage tips, and support you in your application validation processes

  • Accession is a special process in that its validity cannot be assessed through final measurements on the product or the process itself, and therefore it must be subjected to planning, control and qualification methodologies.

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