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Panel fastening systems

Discover the advantages of panel fastening systems: stability, precision and versatility. Ask the expert about the best product for you.

Press-fit fastening systems for panel assembly

Press-fit fasteners are designed for mounting walls, panels, floors, countertops and other similar items. These systems offer an effective solution for attaching panels and cladding walls to the structure, while also allowing precise alignment between different parts during assembly.

Removable means vs. Pressure fastening systems

  • To perform these operations, removable means such as nails, adhesives, and screws are often used, which provide a firm grip but can make it difficult to remove parts once assembled. Press-fit systems, on the other hand, offer considerable stability, with tightness that can vary depending on the models and materials used.

Advantages and versatility of press-fit systems

  • These fastening systems are valued for their precision, as they allow the positioning operation to be repeated several times to achieve the desired alignment. In addition, once assembled, the parts secured with these systems often allow some degree of adjustment, allowing them to be moved a few millimeters in any direction without compromising their stability. These systems are considered innovative because they simplify the fixing process and offer immediate results. In addition, they are often equipped with a wide range of mounting accessories, allowing you to choose the most effective method according to your specific needs.

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