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Solid lubricants

Solid lubricants are a type of product that is used to reduce friction and wear between moving surfaces in low-speed and/or high-load applications. Its solid shape makes it suitable for this kind of situation, where precisely the moving surfaces are in direct contact with each other.


There are several types of special solid lubricants, each with specific characteristics that make it suitable for certain applications. Among these, molybdenum disulfide is known for its excellent wear and corrosion resistance, while graphite is used for high-temperature applications.

PTFE, also known as Teflon, is used for high-speed, low-pressure applications, while oxides are used for high-pressure applications.

Application industries

Solid lubricants are good for the following areas:

  • Machine tools, special solid lubricants can reduce friction and wear between moving parts of machine tools, such as shafts, bearings and spindles.
  • Automotive, are used in automotive applications, such as brakes, suspension, and transmissions.
  • Electronics, in order to reduce friction and wear in electronic components, such as connectors and printed circuit boards.
  • Transportation equipment such as cranes, overhead cranes, and construction equipment.
  • Aviation industry, they are used to reduce friction and wear in aircraft components, such as landing systems and flight control systems.

Mascherpa and the best solutions for solid lubricants

  • It is important to choose the most suitable solid lubricant for the specific application in order to achieve maximum product efficacy and durability. There are different forms and grades of lubrication available to meet the needs of a given application, contact Mascherpa’s technicians who will advise you in selecting the special solid lubricant for your needs.

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