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Low odor and toxicity acrylic adhesives that combine sustainability and technical performance

ARALDITE® 2080 and ARALDITE® 2081: low odor, non-flammable acrylic adhesives with outstanding bonding performance, low toxicity profile, and requiring no primer ARALDITE® 2080 and ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesives are a real innovation, as they are structural adhesives developed to provide high strength to which they are combined with important contents…
November 30, 2023
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The new ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive: The different applications

The new ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive: The different applications Huntsman has announced the launch of a new product, ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive, which in addition to being odorless, nonflammable and EN 45545-2 compliant offers effective solutions for any application. Indeed, it is suitable for bonding a wide variety of plastics…
February 10, 2023
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ARALDITE® 2080 A low-odor, non-flammable, primerless acrylic adhesive with outstanding adhesion performance and a low toxicity profileARALDITE® 2080 adhesive is a new structural acrylic adhesive that creates a perfect high-strength, high-elongation bond with exceptional stress and impact resistance and fast reactivity time. Most importantly, unlike many other structural adhesives on…
December 15, 2021