Stoner Moulding Solutions

Stoner Molding Solutions, offers a full range of release agents for molding thermoplastic, polyurethane, composite and rubber parts.

Each Stoner formulation is designed to optimize molding operations and manufacturing processes to significantly improve profits. Molding experts see each process as unique and will work directly with your team to find the right solution.

The Stoner line includes:

  • Sacrificial or semi-permanent detachers, serve to ensure the perfect detachment of parts while safeguarding the surfaces of the mold itself.
  • Lubricants, serve to reduce the ‘friction of parts thus avoiding stick-slip phenomena ensuring faster, quieter and more efficient machine operation

Rotational molding

Stoner’s TraSys® provides the rotational molding plastic industry with the best in water-based release coatings. Free of alcohol and solvents, these coatings meet all existing and planned environmental regulations. TraSys® coatings produce a consistent, controlled release for maximum performance.

Rotational molders use TraSys® release coatings because:

  • Their long life can reduce the need for frequent spraying by the operator.
  • They are safe, easy to use and work with LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, XLPE, PP, plastisol and nylon.
  • They present minimal transfer of release materials to the printed product.
  • They produce consistent parts without warping or sticking, allowing your production to run smoothly.

Stoner provides qualified and experienced technical support.

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