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SILASTIC Liquid Silicone Rubber RBL-9694-45M A&B

SILASTIC silicone rubber RBL-9694-45M represents a breakthrough in sealing materials. This thermally cured two-component silicone elastomer is designed to be easily mixed and dispensed through dispensing equipment. Its direct application to automotive and industrial components ensures a high-strength, integrated seal that is resistant to many industrial fluids such as motor…
June 20, 2024

MobilityScience: DOW solutions for E-Mobility.

The mobility industry is undergoing an era of accelerated transformation that is both exciting and arduous, laden with innovations and challenges. Our commitment tends not only toward a horizon of more sustainable vehicles, but also toward goals of greater safety, connectivity, autonomy, electrification and profitability. Innovative strategies for future mobility…
May 8, 2024
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Araldite 2011 epoxy adhesive for electronic encapsulation

In the world of electronic engineering and miniaturized device manufacturing, choosing the right adhesive for encapsulation is crucial. It is necessary to ensure not only reliable protection against external factors such as moisture, dust and vibration, but also thermal and mechanical stability that preserves the performance of the device over…
April 18, 2024
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22Lubrication and protection of electrical cables in offshore platforms

In the industrial setting of offshore platforms, environments such as oil and gas refineries, significant challenges are present due to extreme temperatures, moving parts, direct exposure to sunlight, UV light, and the presence of potentially explosive materials. Under these conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety is a critically important issue…
April 11, 2024