Applications for industrial lubricants

Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic systems are designed to transmit and control energy between various elements (pumps, valves, and actuators) through a pressurized fluid: hydraulic oil. High-power densities require the fluid not only to transmit mechanical energy, but to lubricate, transfer heat, protect and be compatible with various materials.


To be efficient Hydraulic fluids must be filterable for longer life and to reduce replacement costs and, in case of leakage, not to be harmful to the environment. Hydraulic fluids often leave the system in which they operate through small but steady leaks, sometimes instead through catastrophic line failures or malfunctioning fittings and seals.

These failures and malfunctions are often directly related to the wrong choice of fluid, or improper handling or contamination of the fluid. When selecting hydraulic oil, it is important that the properties of the fluid used meet the needs of the system and those of environmental protection.

Superior wear protection

  • extends the life of the system
  • Protects the most stressed machinery that is run longer, faster, and more loaded
  • increases reliability over a wide load range (withstanding loads up to 2 times that of conventional products).

Exceptional oxidation and temperature stability

  • Longer life allowing extended oil change intervals (up to 3 times compared to conventional products)
  • Minimizes sludge and varnish formation to ensure the smooth operation of valves and actuators.

Excellent protection against corrosion

  • ferrous metal components and are not protected against water damage.

Excellent water separation properties

  • stability to hydrolysis allows the oil to be reused
  • oil quickly separates from ‘water without losing the additives that enable the superior performance.

Excellent anti-foaming and non-air trapping properties

  • Prevents tank spills
  • Eliminates the ” spongy” effect in hydraulic systems; prevents cavitation in pumps


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