Applications for industrial lubricants

Lubricants and greases for control cables

Control cables enable the transmission of control signals to drive devices; lubrication can increase the service life of the control cable.

Introduction to lubricants and greases for control cables

Line control cables are broadly defined as cables that allow the transmission of control signals over long distances to a wide range of drive devices. They are commonly used in vehicles, industrial equipment and other mechanical applications.

They can be formed by :

  • An outer sheath to protect against impact and crushing while providing flexibility.
  • An inner-sheath multi-core cable that aids signal transmission.

Reliability over long periods

  • Control cables must operate reliably for many cycles and long periods of time, which is why maintenance through control cable lubricants and greases is important. In fact, control cable lubricants and greases can provide both a reduction in friction between outer sheath and inner cable, facilitating greater flexibility, and a reduction in safety issues.


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