Applications for industrial lubricants

Lubricants and greases for linear guides

Linear guides, slides, and belts are components commonly used in automotive and industrial applications, where smooth operation free of noise, vibration, or harshness is essential to ensure a perception of quality.


Depending on the relative speed of movement and applied loads, lubricants and linear guide greases of different viscosities can be used, potentially with the addition of solid lubricant additives. In addition, the use of dry film anti-friction coatings can prevent the attraction of dust and contamination to keep parts moving freely for long periods of time.

Control and compatibility

  • To ensure effective NVH control, low bleed and critical compatibility with metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic materials, it is important to choose quality linear guide lubricants and greases that can also support specific needs such as weight reduction without sacrificing durability.


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