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Reduce the corrosion of a heat exchanger with Devcon®

Problem A large crude oil refinery uses a direct heat exchanger to regulate the temperature of cooling water used in the refining process. The heat exchanger's interaction with water and refining processes has resulted in its exposure to a range of chemicals. As a result, the heat exchanger showed premature…
April 24, 2024

Corrosion and pressure vessel repair: case study and Devcon® solutions

Corrosion of pressure vessels is a critical challenge for industrial facilities, requiring quick, safe and cost-effective solutions to restore structural integrity and ensure operational safety. In the case of a petrochemical plant in the Persian Gulf, a corroded pressure vessel threatened the stability of the plant with obvious signs of…
February 12, 2024
DevconEpoxy adhesivesIndustrial Adhesives

Metal reconstruction with two-component epoxy adhesives: innovation and versatility

Introduction to metal reconstruction Metal-enriched epoxy adhesives represent a revolution in metal reconstruction, offering a strong, durable and versatile solution. This guide explores how two-component metal glue, integrated into metal alloy-reinforced epoxy technologies, enable fast, inexpensive and permanent repairs on all types of metals. Advantages of metal reconstruction with adhesives…
February 1, 2024