Xiameter, a company owned by Dow consumer solutions, produces silicone fluids on a global scale.

Silicone is one of the most versatile groups of chemicals on the planet. Silicones come in many forms, from ultra-fluid liquids to solids such as crystals, allowing designers and manufacturers to use them for all types of uses and in all types of processes:

  • Silicones can be formulated to perform an incredible range of functions: from adhesives to release agents, from defoamers to encapsulants for electronics.
  • In addition, silicones share some common characteristics that give them proven advantages over other materials.

Silicones can take many forms-from liquid resins, rigid plastics, flexible rubbers, greases, sealants and fine powders to fluids that are more liquid than water or as thick as a paste. In a performance-oriented company as committed to sustainability as Xiameter, silicone lubricants are valuable tools because they possess unique characteristics that enable them to last longer and outlast most organic substances. Xiameter silicone fluid lubricants are mainly used as base oils, additives in cosmetics and personal and household care products such as in the production of plastics and inks and paints, defoamers, release agents, water repellents, fillers, mechanical fluids, and silicone grease.

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