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Air compressors whether screw, piston, centrifugal, or vane compressors must provide performance, versatility, reliability, efficiency, energy savings, and low cost.


The need to lubricate air compressors is due to the heat generated during piston or screw motion. Air compressor lubricating oil reduces friction and preserves machine components from wear and tear.

The engine block, cylinders, and valves to last for a long time must be properly lubricated to reduce maintenance and increase production capacity.

  • Many plants in heavy industrial applications require high performance for long periods and thus need a product capable of up to 8000 hours of continuous operation, which is why Mascherpa has selected a wide range of products suitable to meet this need.

Efficiency is key to cutting costs and continuing to have consistent production standards. The longevity of the system translates into effective savings.

  • The air compressor oils Mascherpa offers exceed the requirements of the market’s leading manufacturers, guaranteeing thermal and oxidative stability, minimizing wear and tear on its components and increasing the life of the compressor itself.


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