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Chain lubricants

Chains are a transmission element with a great versatility of applications such as, transport mechanisms and lifting and control elements. In these applications, chains undergo extreme stresses because they work continuously under friction and are subject to high stresses and loads. Many applications involve additional stresses or conditions, such as high temperatures or aggressive environments.


Aggressive environments, dust and abrasives, heavy loads contribute to wear and tear, without proper care, the life of the chain is significantly reduced, you can prevent the emergence of problems with proper lubrication the following products: chain oil chain grease chain lubricants.

Why are they so important?

  • Chains are important elements of power transmission, and often the service life of this component depends largely on the choice of chain lubricant with which it is maintained.

Our lubricants are specially designed for the specific needs of chains:

  • Increased efficiency due to large penetration
  • Reduction of maintenance work that prolongs relubrication periods
  • Reduced economic costs due to lower lubricant consumption

Our chain oils and greases efficiently protect machines against premature wear and extend their life, see how our lubricants can help you.


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