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Dispersions for solid lubricants

Dispersions are a category of solid lubricants finely dispersed or suspended in lubricating fluids. They are used in situations where it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form, such as in operating units or in hard-to-access places.


Solid lubricant dispersions are particularly useful for dry lubrication of sliding contacts, lubrication of chains, conveyors and bearings in extreme temperatures, cutting and sewing operations, release from a variety of surfaces and more.

In addition, dispersions can be used as anti-wear and extreme pressure additives for gear and motor oils.


  • High-performance solid lubricant dispersions offer numerous benefits, including reduced friction and sticking, extreme resistance to corrosive or saline environments, stability over a wide temperature range, food contact/release, and metal protection. In addition, they are suitable for automatic dispensing systems.

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