Applications for industrial lubricants

Lubricants for gears and gearboxes

The task of gear lubricants is to ensure a tenacious and homogeneous lubricating film on all sliding parts.

Introducing gear and gearbox lubricants

Gears and gearboxes have been a popular method of power transmission since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In the transmission of motion, gears and gearboxes take different forms and combinations, such as sequences of spur, helical, bevel or hypoid, worm and planetary gears. These various configurations create an extremely heterogeneous and complex system, with varying pressure and velocity conditions generating friction between the contact surfaces. The fundamental role of gear and gearbox lubricants is to ensure a tenacious and homogeneous lubricating film on all moving parts. This minimizes wear, noise, operating temperatures and starting torque.

Choosing the right lubricant

  • Choosing the correct lubricant is critically important to achieving the system’s durability and performance goals. Designers must consider several factors, including output torque, noise, and temperature, in order to select the most suitable lubricant for the specific needs of the application.

Open and closed gears

  • Importantly, there are significant differences between open gears, closed gears, and actuators and gearboxes. Open gears are exposed to the external environment and require additional protection to prevent contaminant ingress and lubricant oxidation. Enclosed gears, on the other hand, operate within a sealed housing that protects them from external agents, providing longer lubricant life and less need for maintenance.

Actuators and gearboxes

  • For both actuators and gearboxes, it is critical to reduce friction and wear on the internal actuator components, thereby improving their efficiency and service life.


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