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The new Saertex unidirectional fabrics.

The new Saertex unidirectional fabrics. Easy Drape UD SAERTEX was able to achieve better mechanical values and easier material handling by further developing unidirectional fabrics SAERTEX EASY DRAPE UD is a new unidirectional fabric that is not only virtually wave-free, but can also be processed 15 percent faster. The newly…
October 29, 2019
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SEATEC and COMPOTEC Mascherpa will be exhibiting at Seatec-Compotec, in Carrara from-April 3-5, 2019 (Hall D Stand 826). We will present the brand new Araldite® 2050 and Araldite®2051 methacrylic adhesives for extreme conditions, SAERFlow®draining fiberglass reinforcements and SAERTEX LEO® systems for fire-resistant composites according to EN 45545 and IMO FTP…
March 27, 2019

SAERflow fiberglass fabric

The SAERflow fiberglass drainage fabric. SAERflow, a draining reinforcement fabric to spread resin to the core of the compositeSAERflow is a biaxial (+/- 45°), glass fiber fabric to which a synthetic material is added. The latter makes the combined incompressible during vacuum realization. Draining, the SAERflow thus allows excellent resin…
March 27, 2019