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MobilityScience: DOW solutions for E-Mobility.

The mobility industry is undergoing an era of accelerated transformation that is both exciting and arduous, laden with innovations and challenges. Our commitment tends not only toward a horizon of more sustainable vehicles, but also toward goals of greater safety, connectivity, autonomy, electrification and profitability. Innovative strategies for future mobility…
May 8, 2024
Automotive IndustryConformal coatingCONT@TTOe-mobility

Conformal Coating: the innovation for electric and hybrid vehicles

Conformal Coating: the innovation for electric and hybrid vehicles One area where electronics protection is becoming increasingly important is the automotive industry with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and electric vehicles, especially in relation to their range. Protective coatings can make all the difference for electric and hybrid vehicles, and…
May 24, 2023
Dowsile-mobilityElectronicsHeat-conductive adhesivesThermally conductive materials

DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV: The new heat-conductive adhesive for automotive electronic assembly.

The new DOWSIL™ TC-2035 CV adhesive is a high thermal conductivity adhesive that cures rapidly at low temperature and provides excellent stability at room temperature for automotive electronic assembly applications. This innovative technology is helping to power the next generation of low-carbon mobility. Product Introduction The new high-performance heat-conductive adhesive…
February 15, 2024
AradurAralditeCONT@TTOe-mobilityResins and encapsulants

Premium encapsulation for electric motors with Huntsman Araldite

Electric motors are crucial components in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, and ensuring their protection and optimal performance is essential. In this article, we will explore the encapsulation and impregnation solutions provided by Huntsman Araldite, designed specifically to protect and improve electric motors. Encapsulation for electric motors…
January 25, 2024
Automotive IndustryConformal coatingCONT@TTODOWe-mobilityElastomeric adhesivesGelIndustrial AdhesivesResins and encapsulants

Dow silicone materials for EV charging stations

Challenges and opportunities for electric vehicle charging infrastructure Environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, combined with the desire to save on fuel costs, are driving demand for electric vehicles (EVs) exponentially. Add to this the E-Mobility trend and there is a critical need for more extensive electric infrastructure, particularly for EV charging…
November 15, 2023
Automotive IndustryBetamateCONT@TTODuponte-mobilityEpoxy adhesivesStructural adhesives

Improved strength and curing requirements: the DuPont – Mercedes case study

The weight of the battery in electric vehicles requires stronger body structures, including the lower part of the chassis (sill). In electric vehicles, this part has a higher specific mass than in combustion vehicles because of functional and design requirements, including supporting the weight of the battery pack. The frame…
September 21, 2023
Automotive IndustryCompoundCONT@TTOe-mobilityElectronicsFatsPerfluoropolyether (PFPE)Silicone lubricants

Lubricants for high-voltage HV connectors in electric vehicles

Lubricants for high-voltage HV connectors in electric vehicles High-voltage connectors in electric vehicles have become increasingly numerous, and their functionality is critical to the proper functioning of the car. To ensure the reliability of such connectors, specially formulated lubricants must be used. MOLYKOTE® offers a range of lubricants for high-voltage…
June 29, 2023