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General industrySilcone sealant adhesivesIndustrial adhesivesSilastic

SILASTIC Liquid Silicone Rubber RBL-9694-45M A&B

SILASTIC silicone rubber RBL-9694-45M represents a breakthrough in sealing materials. This thermally cured two-component silicone elastomer is designed to be easily mixed and dispensed through dispensing equipment. Its direct application to automotive and industrial components ensures a high-strength, integrated seal that is resistant to many industrial fluids such as motor…
June 20, 2024
Food and BeverageIndustrial LubricantsMolykotePastes

Molykote P-1900 FM: anti-seize paste to improve efficiency in food processing

In the food and beverage processing industry, efficiency is a key issue. Any downtime, in fact, can result in significant financial losses and disruptions in supply chains. Recognizing this critical need, Molykote introduces its innovative solution: the P-1900 FM anti-seize paste spray, a light-colored grease-paste designed for mechanical components in…
June 12, 2024

MobilityScience: DOW solutions for E-Mobility.

The mobility industry is undergoing an era of accelerated transformation that is both exciting and arduous, laden with innovations and challenges. Our commitment tends not only toward a horizon of more sustainable vehicles, but also toward goals of greater safety, connectivity, autonomy, electrification and profitability. Innovative strategies for future mobility…
May 8, 2024