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Molykote P-1900 FM: anti-seize paste to improve efficiency in food processing

In the food and beverage processing industry, efficiency is a key issue. Any downtime, in fact, can result in significant financial losses and disruptions in supply chains. Recognizing this critical need, Molykote introduces its innovative solution: the P-1900 FM anti-seize paste spray, a light-colored grease-paste designed for mechanical components in…
June 12, 2024
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Lubrication of plastic gears: longer life and better performance

Plastic gears, despite their lightweight and economical nature, still require careful attention when it comes to maintenance. By incorporating an appropriate lubricant, we can unlock a range of benefits, from reducingfriction and increasingefficiency to minimizingwear. MOLYKOTE® G-4500 is a high-performance synthetic lubricating grease that combines the advantages of working temperature…
September 7, 2023
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Freeze maintenance costs with REFLO

Freeze maintenance costs with REFLO The food processing and refrigerated storage sectors pose unique challenges for lubricants. Continuity of performance is of paramount importance for storing your products efficiently in the warehouse. As demands for energy efficiency improvement and cost reduction increase, maintenance managers face challenges that only high-performance lubricants…
April 8, 2021