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Lubricants for high-voltage HV connectors in electric vehicles

Lubricants for high-voltage HV connectors in electric vehicles High-voltage connectors in electric vehicles have become increasingly numerous, and their functionality is critical to the proper functioning of the car. To ensure the reliability of such connectors, specially formulated lubricants must be used. MOLYKOTE® offers a range of lubricants for high-voltage…
June 29, 2023
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Molykote Silicone Lubricants

Molykote Silicone Lubricants Silicone compounds are grease-like lubricants containing silicone fluids, thickened with inert amorphous silica. They are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation and retain their properties over a wide temperature range. They are designed as release agents and can be used as assembly lubricants for O-rings, electrical current…
November 4, 2019