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Araldite 2011 epoxy adhesive for electronic encapsulation

In the world of electronic engineering and miniaturized device manufacturing, choosing the right adhesive for encapsulation is crucial. It is necessary to ensure not only reliable protection against external factors such as moisture, dust and vibration, but also thermal and mechanical stability that preserves the performance of the device over…
April 18, 2024
Born2BondElectronicsIndustrial AdhesivesInstant cyanoacrylate adhesivesStickers for Electronics

Born2Bond™ by Arkema: special adhesives for audio equipment

The Born2Bond™ by Arkema range of high-performance specialty adhesives is the best solution for bonding audio equipment. Born2Bond™ for audio equipment Accuracy, durability, and outstanding performance are key considerations when looking for special adhesives for audio equipment manufacturing. This is why Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives are leading bonding solutions in…
February 8, 2024

Thermal protection for today’s and tomorrow’s electronics

Thermal protection for today's and tomorrow's electronics Electronic devices in order for them to function generate heat; unfortunately, this is the enemy of reliable electronics. The increased data rates in today's electronic devices and the growing number of electronic components require even higher levels of thermal protection, in fact for…
January 16, 2023