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BetamateCONT@TTODOWIndustrial AdhesivesPolyurethane sealant adhesivesSilcone sealant adhesives

The performance of Betamate

DOW The performance of Betamate BETAMATE single- or two-component structural epoxy adhesives provide high adhesion to steel, 'aluminum and other materials allowing better load-bearing capabilities, design flexibility and weight reduction. These epoxy adhesives supplant welds and mechanical fasteners to help reduce weight and production costs. They are ideal for use…
April 3, 2018
CONT@TTOIndustrial AdhesivesMerbenit

MERBENIT SF50: smp technology.

Merbenit MERBENIT SF50: smp technology. Merbenit SF50 is a permanent flexible adhesive based on Silane Modified Polymer (SMP) technology. SMP-based adhesives have the advantages and benefits of silicone and polyurethane; in fact, they exhibit both the mechanical strength of polyurethanes and the weathering strength of silicones but are nonetheless free…
April 2, 2018
Beardow AdamsCONT@TTOFood and BeverageFood IndustryHot-Melt Packaging BAM FUTURA AdhesivesHot-Melt StickersIndustrial AdhesivesSilcone sealant adhesives

Beardow Adams Adhesive hotmelt for packaging

Adhesives Beardow Adams A hotmelt adhesive robust and reliable is critical to successful packaging. Stickers Beardow Adams bond all types of packaging from small and intricate to the heaviest and most wraparound cartons, consistently giving excellent performance on all types of paper, cardboard, and plastic.Produced using high-quality raw materials and…
December 18, 2017
Automotive IndustryCONT@TTOIndustrial AdhesivesMerbenitSilcone sealant adhesivesTrains and railways

New MSP adhesive with fast initial strength

Merbenit IA45 is an MSP adhesive for very thin curb applications with very fast initial strength. Free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones, it is odorless and flexible and provides tenacious adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Merbenit IA45 is suitable for installation of sound-absorbing elements, large-area joints, bonding of…
June 2, 2017