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The new ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive: The different applications

The new ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive: The different applications Huntsman has announced the launch of a new product, ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive, which in addition to being odorless, nonflammable and EN 45545-2 compliant offers effective solutions for any application. Indeed, it is suitable for bonding a wide variety of plastics…
February 10, 2023
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Repairs and maintenance in critical conditions

In maintenance and repair, how you deal with downtime and resource utilization is the difference between profit and loss. Managing these two variables in extreme environments requires finely tuned planning and execution. This guide examines how you can maximize efficiency and minimize the number of plant downtime hours. In harsh…
October 29, 2019

Arathane CW 5660 + HY 5610

Huntsman Protect your electronic components with Arathane CW 5660 + HY 5610 The delicate components that are used in electronic devices today require that they be protected with the use of suitable products that do not create stress on the component itself in order to safeguard its functional integrity during…
May 8, 2018

Composite materials for sports

Lightness, strength, flexibility, fatigue resistance, and ease of design are key factors affecting the performance of today's sports equipment. Huntsman's wide range of composite products meet the most stringent requirements in various areas of sports and help athletes perform at the highest level. Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a full range…
June 4, 2017