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Araldite 2011 epoxy adhesive for electronic encapsulation

In the world of electronic engineering and miniaturized device manufacturing, choosing the right adhesive for encapsulation is crucial. It is necessary to ensure not only reliable protection against external factors such as moisture, dust and vibration, but also thermal and mechanical stability that preserves the performance of the device over…
April 18, 2024
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Premium encapsulation for electric motors with Huntsman Araldite

Electric motors are crucial components in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, and ensuring their protection and optimal performance is essential. In this article, we will explore the encapsulation and impregnation solutions provided by Huntsman Araldite, designed specifically to protect and improve electric motors. Encapsulation for electric motors…
January 25, 2024
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Dow silicone materials for EV charging stations

Challenges and opportunities for electric vehicle charging infrastructure Environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, combined with the desire to save on fuel costs, are driving demand for electric vehicles (EVs) exponentially. Add to this the E-Mobility trend and there is a critical need for more extensive electric infrastructure, particularly for EV charging…
November 15, 2023
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WHY CHOOSE SILICONE-BASED ENCAPSULANTS AND GELS? Silicone materials generally offer several advantages over urethane and epoxy technologies, including: Maximum protection against mechanical stresses caused by thermal cycling or thermal expansion coefficients Outstanding protection against shock and vibration Superior thermal stability for more reliable performance at sustained temperatures between -45°C and…
January 30, 2019
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Our products follow the EN 45545-2 standard for rail industry safety

Our products follow the EN 45545-2 standard On the safety of the railway sector Mascherpa always pays close attention to safety regulations and is always ready to provide solutions compatible with the increasingly stringent regulations governing the railway industry. Today, all materials used in rail vehicles must follow EN 45545-2…
November 4, 2017